Does SheaMoisture Cause Hair Loss? Should You Really Try It?

If you are part of the natural haircare industry, you have probably come across SheaMoisture products in your search to get that perfect mane. But while you were on this quest, you might have stumbled upon some chatter that has been going on about the brand and its products. But does SheaMoisture cause hair loss? Is the question making many people skeptical?’ Well, worry not. In this report, I’ll clear your doubts by diving deep into the root of the matter.

Does SheaMoisture Cause Hair Loss?

Does SheaMoisture Cause Hair Loss? Should You Really Try It?

SheaMoisture has stood firm among the curly-haired girlies and has become a staple brand. Another thing that makes this brand beautifully unique is its ethical sourcing. The main raw ingredients are purchased from cooperatives led by women in West Africa to improve their livelihood. 

Their hair care products are formulated with high-quality natural ingredients that provide various benefits to the hair. Many people have reported positive results and are super impressed. However, not everyone has similar experiences; some may have noticed a downfall in their hair journey. Whether these are rumors or honest claims, keep reading so you know what’s happening.

SheaMoisture Ingredients 

SheaMoisture has two main ingredients, which you can find in many of its products. These are organic shea butter and virgin coconut oil. Shea butter is enriched with fatty acids that promote a healthy scalp and the overall health of hair. Nutrients and vitamins A, E, and F strive to keep the hair soft and moisturized so they look good and feel good. 

SheaMoisture Ingredients 

Just like that, using virgin coconut oil in their products promotes hair growth and makes you forget about your hair falling. It helps make your hair look thicker and more voluminous, preventing hair breakage and split ends. With these two critical ingredients in SheaMoisture products, I don’t think you will have to worry about hair loss or fall.

SheaMoisture Drawbacks

Not all hair types can benefit from certain products. Some often end up having adverse effects. I know you probably think all these hair loss rumors are just rumors because how can this reputable brand have such effects? But, sorry to break the bubble, there have been some drawbacks and user experiences that may prove these rumors right.

  • Since its products contain shea butter, they might become heavy and weigh down the hair. This may happen quite often to people with straight or naturally thin hair. Hence, the hair being weighed down and feeling waxy has been one of the significant and common drawbacks.
  • SheaMoisture is not a vegan brand. You might want to skip this one if you strictly want and opt for vegan brands. It has products with milk, beeswax, and other animal-derived ingredients. 
  • SheaMoisture shampoos aren’t available with a pump; only their conditioners do. So, the ease of application may be slightly compromised in this case.
  • Some users report that SheaMoisture contains heavy oils like coconut oil, which creates a barrier on hair and prevents hydration and absorption of water. This can, in turn, make your hair strands dry and brittle, causing hair breakage.

These are some common and significant drawbacks that may give you your answer to – ‘Does SheaMoisture cause hair loss.’ However, several benefits include crucial ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, argan oil, and many others that are very beneficial for your hair. These help in keeping your hair hydrated, moisturized, and soft.

SheaMoisture cause hair loss

To avoid any side effects, perform a patch test. Swipe a tiny amount on a small section of your hair and see if it is all right. If that section starts throwing a fit, know it’s also time to throw away that product. Better safe than sorry, right?

Another critical point one must consider is to use proper products. I mean, you would need a corresponding product for another. If your hair product contains shea butter, you may want to have shampoos to clarify it so you don’t have build-up or weighing-down problems. So, using the right products from the SheaMoisture brand will help you combat issues like split ends, hair breakage, hair loss, etc. 

FAQs | Does SheaMoisture Cause Hair Loss?

Does SheaMoisture have bad ingredients?

SheaMoisture is formulated with naturally derived ingredients. The brand proudly claims its products are free from harmful ingredients like silicone, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, or mineral oil. However, it does contain animal-derived ingredients like honey, milk, etc. So, if you are a strict vegan-friendly customer, you might have to choose its alternatives.

Is SheaMoisture good for straight, thin hair?

The brand has products for Type 1 hair, including hair types 1A, 1B, and 1C. These products contain ingredients that nourish your hair and make it stronger. However, the presence of shea butter, according to some users, may make your hair feel a little waxy and heavy.

Does SheaMoisture have bad ingredients?

Why does my hair feel heavy after using SheaMoisture?

SheaMoisture contains shea butter, and the build-up is the primary reason this is happening to you. Shea Butter is a heavy ingredient that builds up quickly and leaves a sticky residue. To get rid of it, you may have to shower frequently.

Final Verdict

Hair loss is a sensitive topic; nobody would ever want to go through it! And when you are talking about SheaMoisture, and if hair loss is what pops into your mind, you should consider other players in this hair drama before pointing your fingers at the brand. I’m not saying there isn’t any chance of hair loss, but have you considered stress, diet, hormones, and sleep schedule too?

Maybe SheaMoisture isn’t the villain of your hair story but, in fact, that best friend who has been secretly supporting you. If you feel a sudden and abrupt change in your hair, you must change your best friend!

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