Is Suave Good For Your Hair? Know The Truth

Finding the perfect products for your hair can be a never-ending quest. Sometimes, affordability and proper hair care don’t go hand in hand. And if you think the same, then let me stop you there! With Suave, your hair feels very nourished without breaking the bank.

Is Suave Good For Your Hair

Suave is good for your wallet, but the main question is, ‘Is Suave Good For Your Hair?’ As I take you on a small hair adventure while exploring the brand’s offering and the use of its natural ingredients, let us decode the secret behind this brand.

Is Suave Good For Your Hair? Learn The Truth

Suave has been on many bathroom shelves, proudly making its place and dignity. The brand offers diverse products that address various needs and hair types. From its famous shampoos to nourishing conditioners, the extensive collection makes your heart go gaga! Moreover, another best thing about the brand is that it has positioned itself as a budget-friendly option to nourish your hair with quality hair care products.

Before being quick to judge, remember and understand that hair types can vary widely. People can have different hair textures and hair types: straight, oily, dry, curly, thin, etc. Several other factors determine whether your hair care products suit your locks. These can include hair texture, thickness, color-treated, and damaged hair. 

Suave Hair


Suave has different formulations based on a specific product line and their intended purposes. However, some of the key ingredients you may find in Suave products are mentioned below.

  • Surfactants: Surfactants are used in shampoos and conditioners to create lather that act as cleaning agents. Suave uses sulfate-based surfactants in its products like Tropical Coconut Shampoo, Strengthening Lemongrass & Ginger Shampoo, etc. So yes, the brand does have shampoos with sulfates in them. However, not all its shampoos are like that; the entire Natural Hair range is sulfate-free.
  • Humectants: Several ingredients, like glycerin and propylene glycol, are found in some Suave products. These humectants trap and lock in moisture so your hair stays hydrated.
  • Conditioning Agents: Suave also has products with conditioning agents like cetyl and stearyl alcohol that give your hair a manageable texture while hydrating and conditioning your scalp.
  • Additional Ingredients: Depending on the product lines, you can find several unique ingredients with their hair benefits list. These include argan oil, shea butter, Vitamin E, aloe vera, keratin, coconut extracts, etc. All these ingredients strive to improve the health of your hair so it looks solid and shiny.
  • Fragrances: Several Suave products contain fragrances. On the positive side, the inclusion of fragrances enhances the sensory experience. On the other hand, fragrances in these shampoos may cause allergies or skin irritations.
Suave ingredients

Suitability For Different Hair Types

Being an affordable brand, Suave ensures that every hair type has its specific desires met. It offers various products and product lines specifically for different hair types.

  • For Normal Hair: You can find many hair care products, including gentle cleansing and conditioning. You can find Keratin-infused shampoos, conditioners, and many other products from the brand.
  • For Dry Hair: Suave offers moisturizing and hydrating formulations with ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, etc., suitable for dry hair. They provide weightless moisture to your dry hair to stay hydrated and shiny.
  • For Oily Hair: The brand has clarifying shampoos that gently remove excess oil without scraping off the natural oils so your hair feels refreshed.
  • For Curly Hair: People with curly hair may find it hard to get the right product for their locks. But Suave’s got them covered as well. The brand offers an entire product line- the Curl Definition Products, so your curls and coils can get the proper nourishment to stay bouncy and moisturized.
  • For Color-Treated Hair: People with color-treated hair also face problems finding the right product because using any random shampoo or conditioner may damage their hair. Suave offers Color Care products with Keratin Infusion Color Care shampoos and conditioners.

Common Concerns

Though there have been a lot of positive reviews about Suave, there are still some common concerns or drawbacks that may be note-worthy for some.

  • Infusion of Sulfates: Some Suave shampoos contain sulfates. Though they may be effective cleansers, they might still be harsh for some users, making your hair dry and brittle.
  • Infusion of Silicones: Not all, but some of Suave’s products contain silicones. They may help enhance your hair’s shine, but they can create build-ups and weigh hair down over time.
  • Adding Fragrances: Like other products, Suave has fragrances in its haircare products. This can be problematic for users who are sensitive to scents and might have sensitive scalps.
  • Artificial Additives: Some Suave products contain artificial colors and may contain preservatives. This blocks the natural and organic way of including ingredients. 

Suave Lawsuit

In 2021, a lawsuit was filed against Suave regarding the ingredients present in their Shampoo. It was alleged that Unilever had used DMDM Hydantoin, an ingredient that is said to cause hair loss and scalp irritation. The one who filed this lawsuit said that Unilever knew that this ingredient had been used for more than a decade. The use of DMDM Hydantoin at high doses may have the chance to cause cancer.

Though the Suave Shampoo was advertised to give you shiny and smooth hair, women reportedly suffered from bald spots and burned scalps. Hence, the false advertising was mentioned in the case. Several users reported bald spots, hair scalp irritation, and reactions supporting this situation. To learn more about this lawsuit, visit this page.

Suave Lawsuit

FAQs | Is Suave Good For Your Hair?

Is Suave good for all hair types?

Suave offers a variety of products that address different hair types. This includes curly hair, dry hair, oily hair, color-treated hair, etc. You need to choose the right product based on your specific hair needs.

Does Suave use harsh chemicals in its products?

Suave products are paraben-free. Though most of its products are silicone-free, some also have silicones and sulfates. These can cause dryness and build-up. They also have fragrances, which may be a significant drawback for people with sensitive scalps. A few of its products also contain DMDM Hydantoin, which is said to cause scalp irritation.

How often can I use Suave products?

The frequency of using these products depends on individual hair needs. Generally, you can use them regularly, but adjust the frequency based on your hair type and the condition of your hair. Be mindful of the ingredients, and if necessary, get it approved by your doctor.

Are there any side effects of using Suave products?

Generally, Suave products are safe to use; however, individual experiences may vary. Some users may find certain ingredients that aren’t suitable for them, especially in sensitive scalp cases. This can cause irritated scalp, burning sensations, or hair loss. Remember to perform a patch test before diving into the entire application.


So, Is Suave good for your hair? The answer lies in your hair type, sensitivity, etc. Though a wide range of products are affordable, not everybody may like them. Moreover, it isn’t always about liking; sometimes, they don’t work and cause side effects.

So know how well the Suave products align with your unique hair needs, be consistent with the usage, and choose a healthy lifestyle. All this will eventually give you happy and healthy hair days!

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