Primal Harvest Hair Growth Complex Reviews | Effective Or Not?

Hair growth is a complex process, and different individuals have their differences. Various factors affect hair growth, including genetics, diet, stress, etc. While some people like to enhance their hair growth, some want to turn to supplements that can support and boost hair growth and the overall health of their hair. 

Primal Harvest Hair Growth Complex Reviews

One such supplement from a brand named Primal Harvest has been going viral. These capsules are infused with ingredients that are beneficial for hair and support hair growth. 

But since these are supplements, and you must gulp them down, it is always safe to know what you are taking in! Better safe than sorry, right? But worry not, because I present unfiltered Primal Harvest Hair Growth Complex reviews so you can assess and tell yourself if it is worth trying!

Primal Harvest Hair Growth Complex Reviews | The Ultimate Hair Growth Solution?

Primal Harvest is a brand committed to harnessing nature’s power to promote wellness. The main focus is on using natural ingredients and innovative formulations to offer various supplements and health products that cater to different physical, mental, and emotional needs. 

The brand’s products draw inspiration from the elements of Ayurvedic medicine. Hence, it is a combination of ancient methods and modern-day technology. It is all about a Holistic approach to wellness, meaning you get the best formulas to restore your body’s overall balance.

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One of the most talked about products from the brand, the Primal Harvest Hair Growth Complex, is described as the ultimate formula for hair health. It is like a daily hair care routine, but from the inside. T is packed with ingredients that support hair fullness, strength of hair follicles, and the overall health of your hair. It is even said to serve some skin benefits as well. 


The right blend of ingredients makes the product what it is. Let us look at some of the key ingredients in these supplements that are known to be super beneficial for hair as they support hair growth and health.

RGenBio Biotin

Biotin is an essential ingredient that plays a crucial role in promoting hair growth. When infused in supplements, this structural foundation of hair stimulates hair growth and makes the hair shaft stronger. With stronger hair shafts, there is less breakage and brittleness. It can also reduce hair loss by ensuring adequate levels of this vital nutrient that is optimal for hair health.

Horsetail Extract

According to research, the silica content present in Horsetail can promote hair growth and make your hair thicker. It also contains antioxidants that work to reduce any sort of inflammation. Silica is essential for collagen production and formation. So this helps in providing a better structure to the hair strands. 

Primal Harvest Hair Growth Complex ingredients

Type II Collagen Complex

This complex features Type II hydrolyzed chicken collagen with 10% hyaluronic acid. This chicken collagen helps and supports hair and nail growth. The micronutrients present can improve the overall strength of your hair. The hyaluronic acid in this complex strengthens the hair and makes it soft and smooth. 

Zinc & Copper

Zinc helps in the rapid division of hair cells and hence improves the growth of strong hair strands. It regulates the production of hormones that influence hair growth. It also helps in repairing and regenerating damaged hair tissues. Meanwhile, copper is also essential to several proteins forming and maintaining the hair structure.

Vitamin C

This antioxidant-rich ingredient is crucial to collagen production, providing hair structure. With boosted collagen production, the hair follicles become more robust and better. Another essential property of this superhero ingredient is its antioxidant protection, which neutralizes free radicals and protects against oxidative stress. This helps maintain a clean and healthy scalp environment.

Other essential ingredients in these supplements include keratin, collagen, and vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B12. All of these provide nutritional support and protein support to the hair. 

How To Use The Primal Harvest Hair Growth Complex?

There aren’t a lot of restrictions as such while taking these supplements. For adults, as per the brand, it is recommended that you take two capsules daily at any time of the day. You can either gulp them down without having your food or after you’re done having your food. If you still want to be on the safer side, you can take advice from your healthcare professional as recommended.

how to use Primal Harvest Hair Growth Complex

According to the brand, when you take the Primal Harvest Hair Growth Complex daily for one month, you can notice your hair appearing and feeling stronger and healthier than before.

However, when you continuously take these capsules daily for 2 months, you start noticing other hair benefits, like improvement in the shine and smoothness of your hair. Your skin and nails also start looking better and healthier.

With 3 months of consistent use, you will be satisfied and pleased with how well your hair, nails, and skin have started to look.

Remember to stay patient and consistent during the entire process. Also, know that individual results may vary. Have a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, plenty of water intake, rest, sleep, and exercise. 

Benefits of Using Primal Harvest Hair Growth Complex

  • The Primal Harvest Hair Growth Complex features 13 essential ingredients that significantly benefit hair.
  • It contains type II collagen and other vital minerals and vitamins that promote healthy hair.
  • It also has biotin, keratin, and collagen, which incredibly help improve hair structure.
  • These supplements work on your hair from the inside.
  • The hair follicles and hair shaft become stronger.
  • Your hair feels shiny and smooth.
  • The antioxidants present in Vitamin C help neutralize free radicals.
  • Taking these supplements is very easy and convenient.
  • With consistent use, you can also start noticing a difference and improvement in your nails and skin.
  • The brand offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free.
  • You don’t have a lot of restrictions while taking these, as you can gulp them in before or after food and at any time of the day.
Primal Harvest Hair Growth Complex


  • The only common drawback noticed was that these supplements did not work. Even after using them consistently for months, in some cases, the hair still kept getting thinner, and there wasn’t any hair growth.
  • A small section of users reported that they felt nauseous after taking these supplements.

Customer Feedback | Primal Harvest Hair Growth Complex Reviews 

A user named Samad commented, ‘These do what they say. Previously, I tried many hair growth products, but honestly, after trying this, I must say it does work! I can see my hair growing faster. They feel amazing, too! When I ordered it again, they said it was unavailable. I was left disappointed because these supplements are worth it!’

Primal Harvest Hair Growth Complex before and after

A user named Marianne disappointedly shared, ‘These supplements make me feel sick, literally. Every time I take these, I start getting sick to my stomach. I even tried taking them in different ways, with food, without any food, in the mornings and evenings, but nothing worked for me. In any way I still get nauseous after taking these. In the end, I just had to toss them away for good!

Another user named K Bare commented, ‘I just started my second bottle, so it might be too soon to say or notice any major differences. However, I noticed some new hair growing on the left and right sides of my head. These areas were where I had a lot of hair loss. I’ll continue using this because this is the first product ever that has shown any difference. So, as of now, it is good!’

Sonya Williams penned, ‘I consider these a waste of money. This is not something that will improve your hair growth. If your hair is turning thin, then it means your hair is turning thin, that’s it. Taking supplements is not going to change that fact. I am on my second bottle now and hoping for healthy, strong hair. But I feel only time can grow out the damage that highlights have caused.’

Primal Harvest Hair Growth Complex side effects

A delighted customer named Georgette Cates said, ‘Initially, I was doubtful, but after a few months, I started noticing new hair growth. These were thicker and healthier. They look and feel amazing!’

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FAQs | Primal Harvest Hair Growth Complex Reviews

Can I take these supplements if I have a medical condition?

The Primal Harvest, Hair Growth Complex supplements are to be used by healthy adults older than 18. However, if you have any medical conditions or take any prescribed medications, it is best to consult your doctor first and take their advice before starting these supplements. 

What are the side effects of hair growth supplements?

Since this medication works from the inside, in the form of capsules or tablets, the common side effects that may happen include stomach aches, constipation, diarrhea, or nausea. Sometimes, these effects don’t last long, and with time they get better. However, if you have a medical history, consult your doctor first. Thus, you can opt for natural sources like rosemary spray for hair or proven effective products.

Are there any allergens or allergy concerns with the Primal Harvest Hair Growth Complex?

According to the brand, their hair growth supplements are produced in a provision where tree nuts, wheat, soy, and peanuts are also processed. For more details and accurate information, always read the product label and note any allergens if present. 

What is the shelf life of the Hair Growth Complex supplements?

As per the brand, storing it properly and leaving it unopened usually lasts 2 years. However, if you have opened it, then it is recommended that you use it within 90 days to benefit from its full potential. 

Final Words

Because I wanted you to conclude if it lives up to the hype, I closely examined what is inside these supplements and what people are discussing. These Primal Harvest Hair Growth Complex reviews have proven promising to a certain extent. Some users were incredibly impressed with the results, but some felt it was a waste of money. 

However, my goal here was to give you the scoop so you can decide if Primal Harvest Hair Growth Complex is suitable for you or not. Ultimately, it is all about helping you make wise and right choices to improve your health.

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